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Dog Health


- Set rules immediately and stick to them.
- Avoid situations that promote inappropriate behaviour.
- Observe your pet and provide what it needs to be cared for and attended to.
- Supervise your new pet diligently through undivided individual attention and training. Restrict your pet’s access to a limited area of the house until training is complete.
- Encourage good behaviour with lavish praise and attention.
- Correct bad behaviours by providing positive alternatives. (e.g. a toy for a slipper, a scratching post for a sofa).
- Never physically punish or force compliance to commands. This may lead to fear biting or aggression.
- Don’t play roughly or encourage aggression or play biting.
- Expose pets to people, animals and environments where you want them to live.
- Ask to see any of our veterinary surgeons or nurses if serious or unresolved behavioural problems exist.

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