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Puppies and kittens are usually born with perfectly healthy teeth and gums, but just like us, from an early age, food material, bacteria and saliva are deposited naturally and continuously on the surface of the teeth and gums forming a plaque.


Left unchecked and untreated this will inevitably lead to inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and break down of the bone supporting the teeth (periodontitis) with lots of discomfort for your pet.


Symptoms of dental disease can include apparent loss of appetite, dribbling, bad breath and withdrawal from food.


The majority of pets over the age of eight years have dental disease and require some form of treatment. Our nursing staff will happily give free dental care advice, if you would like to be seen then please contact the surgery for a nurse appointment.


Hayle Veterinary Surgery offers a modern dental care service for your pet’s teeth. Scaling and polishing is performed under anaesthesia as a routine procedure, an ultrasonic hand-piece is applied to the surface of the tooth removing hard plaque similar to a dental hygienist. The mouth can be examined closely for dental disease and extractions performed if necessary.

We are happy to provide free estimates for dental work, please call the surgery to arrange a free dental check appointment with our nursing staff.

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