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Our surgery facility includes spacious and comfortable wards, one for dogs and another for cats. As with other areas of the practice, these are kept scrupulously clean and disinfected.

The temperature on the wards is carefully monitored and the surgery’s air conditioning and heating systems ensure that pets are kept as comfortable as possible during their stay.


The pets are constantly monitored by a dedicated nurse and comprehensive records are maintained for each patient. The animals are encouraged to feel ‘at home’ with use of feliway and DAP diffusers.


Cats have special doughnout beds and have an outside area to be walked. Clients are invited to visit their pets in the surgery when mutually convenient.

Great care is taken to ensure that animals, along with their owners, are made to feel welcome, comfortable and as well cared for as possible.

We are also able to provide a special ward in the surgery for isolation of infectious disease cases, away from all normal day and hospitalised patients.

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