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Our in-house multi-sample laboratory is sophisticated and highly technical. It can produce accurate, rapid results allowing prompt diagnosis and treatment, as opposed to waiting for up to 2-3 days should an outside laboratory be used.


Our in-house laboratory can test:
- biochemistry, these test different parameters to check the general health of your pets. The most common tests check liver and kidney function.
- haematology, these are performed to detect abnormalities in both red and white bloods cells. This indications problems like anaemia to infections.
- cytology, this is the examination of cells, often using special stains of slides viewed under a microscope. This is used in the detection of conditions such as lymphoma.

- electrolytes and blood gases, which measure potassium, sodium, chloride, bicarbonate levels, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the blood. These can provide additional information in critically ill patients, as well as monitoring purposes for conditions like Addison’s disease.


With the support of an external laboratory we can offer a full complement of laboratory tests which may be needed for monitoring or detailed investigation into common and unusual cases.

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