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We have our own digital x-ray and developing facilities at the surgery allowing swift reporting in an emergency situation. For routine procedures, animals are often hospitalised for the day with reporting and interpretation given to our clients at the afternoon discharge appointment. Give the radiographs are in a digital format they can easily be emailed for referral and external reporting. 


Radiographs are a non-invasive diagnostic procedure and are often taken conscious, under sedation or under general anaesthesia.

The most common reasons for taking x-rays are when we are looking for possible bone, chest, abdomen and bladder problems. Contrast studies can be performed might involve the bladder (looking for a tumour or bladder stones) or the intestines.



You may well be familiar with ultrasound scanning as it is now routinely used to take pictures of babies at various stages in pregnancy to ensure that they are developing normally.

We are fortunate to have ultrasound equipment here at the surgery which we also use for diagnosing pregnancies, but more often, we use it for the diagnosis of medical conditions and for examining organs and other structures of the body. It is useful for examining heart function, checking for blood flows and valve disease.

Ultrasound techniques are performed conscious, therefore no risk to ill or sick patients. In normal circumstances, the procedure requires some clipping of the hair to allow good contact for the ultrasound probe.



Our ECG monitor checks the electrical activity of the heart and will show any rhythm disturbance. Our equipment sends the information down the telephone to a specialist centre (Cardiophone).


An expert then reviews the ECG trace and reports back within 24 hours. This service is a valuable addition to our diagnostic investigations.


Where required, we can arrange access to a 24 hour ECG Holter monitor which allows us to monitor more complex rhythmic problems that might not occur regularly enough to be picked up over a shorter period of time.

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